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At Isprout Global, we're committed to combating peer pressure, tackling mental health issues, enabling gender equality, fighting drug and alcohol addiction, fostering safe relationships, promoting menstrual health and, most importantly, empowering self-awareness.

Our Key Initiatives

We offer six core community outreach and education programs, strategically designed to address the biggest challenges facing today's youth in Kenya.

Peer Education

Inform teens on crucial topics, effectively reducing peer pressure and fostering healthier choices.

Mental Health

Improve mental health awareness and support, offering services that counsel, educate, and guide the youth of our community.

Gender Equality

Uphold gender equality, ensuring every individual,  has equal access to opportunities and resources.

Substance Abuse

This program serves to educate young minds on the dangers of drug and alcohol addiction, providing a safe space for healing and recovery.

Healthy Relationships

We provide educational programs that encourage healthy relationships, boundaries, and productive communication tools.

Menstrual Health

Our menstrual health program champions the right to menstrual hygiene education, breaking down stigma and facilitating physical health.

About Isprout 

Founded in 2020, Isprout Global grew from a community-driven initiative to a registered organization making real-world impact on thousands of lives through outreach programs.

  • Our non profit is uniquely positioned to understand and address the nuances and complexities of the challenges faced by today's youth in Kenya.
  • We take a community-centric approach in all our initiatives, collaborating closely with stakeholders to ensure impactful and sustainable change.
  • Through holistic and multi-faceted programs, we address a wide range of issues, focusing on empowering the young generation to make healthier and informed decisions.

By joining us, you're not just making a donation. You're investing in the future of Kenya's youth; you're changing lives and transforming communities.


Our vision is to be a leading community-based organization addressing key societal issues and positively impacting lives.


Our mission is to empower and inspire individuals and communities through education, mentorship, and practical initiatives.

Our Impact

Real Stories, Real Changes

See some of our portfolio of the real-world impact we've achieved through our initiatives.

Transformed Schools
Our school outreach programs have transformed lives and improved behaviour for teens across innumerable schools.
Healthy Minds
We've aided thousands of individuals struggling with mental health issues to live better, healthier lives.
Gender Equality Achieved
Gender disparities have significantly reduced in the areas we've served, leading to increased opportunities for all.
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